Posted by: k | April 19, 2007


Damnit, the stupid phone has been ringing off the hook ALL MORNING!
I guess I’m paying now for taking it a little easy yesterday, I’ve got some files to make up, filing to do, folders to make up *phone rings* invoices to enter, other invoices to sort, things to photocopy, etc etc etc. This week has gone so quick for some reason, it’s already Thursday! I’m not complaining about the day, I just wish I had a little less to do.

The new lady starts on Monday, her name’s Noreen. I hope she’s nice. I wonder how her starting is going to affect the office dynamic, because at the moment there’s only one person over 30 in the office, and this lady is 54 (saw it on her resume). Hopefully I’ll get along with her, it’d be nice, because then I won’t feel like such an outcast because of the other two girls and their closeness.

I dreamt that Matt and I got married last night, and I was skinny, but wearing a shoddy dress, and the bridesmaids were in crap dresses too, and for some reason his mum got really shitty because apparently she wasn’t at the wedding. I woke up happy at the thought of marrying him and having everyone’s acceptance, but hey, nobody approves of him… I remember this time last year, how everyone was saying that it was so obvious how happy I was with him, and they liked him. Funny what 12 months can do. Now everyone hates him and they’re telling me I’m making a big mistake.

*phone rings*

I wonder what I’m going to get up to this weekend, I haven’t got anything planned. Hmm…


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