Posted by: k | April 16, 2007


On Saturday, Matt and I had a look round the new centre that's opened up not too far from home. It's like a new home centre, which was really good, there's a few bedding places, and a few furniture places, and an electronics store.
When we were in the electronics store Matt found this display and sat down, it was a chair with one of those massage pads on it, and he called me over to sit down, and then he hit this button and the pad underneath my butt started vibrating… and he said “well that's one thing taken care of…”
He got a good slap for it!

Anyway, the massage was really nice, and now I'm thinking I really want one for work, because my back seems to be at it's worst when I'm stuck in this chair… too bad I can't afford the $300…


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