Posted by: k | April 10, 2007


So the Easter long weekend is over, and I'm back at work. I wasn't really into Easter this year, but it was really nice to have a four-day weekend. The only thing was, yesterday I was so damn bored! I think four days might have been just a little too much free time for me. I had a little bit of a whine to Matt that it seems like he takes his mum out for lunch more than he takes me, so yesterday, he took me down to the pub for a proper lunch, and it was really nice. I had fish and chips, probably not the healthiest choice on the menu, but it was nice, and I didn't have anything from the salad bar like I usually do, just the main meal, and I ate it slowly, so by the time I was finished I was quite satisfied.

Anyway, I did some good stuff this weekend, on Friday Matt and I went for a long walk, and stopped off and had some KFC. I wanted a burger or something but you can't have red meat on Good Friday, so I had a twister thing instead. It was nice. Saturday I got my hair cut with my mum, and I helped her out with the grocery shopping. I have a feeling I did other stuff, but I don't remember. Sunday I actually cleaned out my shelves, and organised my clothes into stuff I can wear to work, and stuff to wear on weekends. So now I don't have to go digging through EVERYTHING in the mornings, looking for something decent. I found two pairs of jeans that I forgot I had, which was exciting. Actually I found a lot of stuff that I'd forgotten I had. It's actually going to be quite interesting when Matt and I get our own place, because about 97% of the stuff is going to be mine, and as we're unpacking I'll be going “is this yours?” and he'll say no, and then I'll end up remembering it's mine, but with no recollection of when I got it or how I missed it for so long…

Yes, it was nice to have a break. Three days of sleep-ins do the body good. I felt so exhausted, physically and mentally. I was feeling like I was fighting the world, and losing (as you do when you fight the world & you're not a superhero). I've been so incredibly moody, and I'm not sure why. Last night I was a total prat, the petrol station wouldn't take my shop-a-docket and I had a big fit all the way home, and went mental at Matt. A bit later, I went back into our room and he gave me a $2 coin, which he'd worked out was how much I would have saved if they'd taken the docket, and I just lost it. He wouldn't take the money back, so I went into the bathroom and had a big cry, because I realised I had a big fit over what, two dollars. Wasn't even worth it. I spent the rest of the night apologising and trying not to let him see me cry. And Matt just laid there holding me and passing me tissues when I needed them…

Anyone who has been more than willing to spend 13 months in a relationship with me has to have a few screws loose. I don't know what I did to deserve him, I really don't.

I'm gonna go and update my blog now, needing to hold myself accountable. At least I went for my walk this morning!


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