Posted by: k | April 5, 2007


My toe is really sore this morning, which is weird. I don't know what I did to make it hurt, but it's hard for me to put weight on it, and curl my toes etc. Perhaps I kicked Matt in my sleep? He wasn't complaining of battery, so maybe not. I don't know. It made this morning's walk interesting though.

I've learnt my lesson from yesterday, with the whole hunger thing. I've got a mini pizza for lunch, but I've also got a tuna sandwich that I can have about 10ish, because for some reason I get really hungry around that time. I should probably see about having more than just toast for breakfast. But I don't really like cereal.. or fruit.. or anything else breakfasty… Thinking about that tuna sandwich is making me hungry.

I'm still using my exercise bike, um, 4 days after purchase, which is like, massive for me. Not like my Pilates phase, if you could call it that, where I got all excited and bought the dvd box set with the mat, used it once, and quit. I'm going to start using it again once I drop a little bit of weight and I'm a little more flexible. But back to the bike. I've been using it every night, riding for 30 minutes after dinner. Might not be the best time to jump on it, but that's when the biggest loser is on, so I feel like I'm kinda doing it with them. Heh. I'm averaging about 11km in 30 minutes, not bad, but it will get better.

The past few days I've been feeling pretty smothered. Especially Tuesday. Matt had his first day off work, and he wanted to drive me to work, so he dropped me off. Then he figured out how to use MSN messenger at home, so we were talking on that, and then he came in and we went to lunch together, and then he picked me up after work. I'm not used to seeing him that much during the week (during work hours), and I just felt like I couldn't get away. That sounds really nasty… but I don't mean it to be as nasty as it sounds. I'm used to saying goodbye in the morning, jumping in my car, driving to work, and then working all day with no contact with him and then going home and being happy to see him. I dunno, it was out of my routine. Then yesterday, I felt bad because Matt was in hosptial all morning (tests) and I'd told him I'd take the day off to drive him down (he was being sedated & couldn't drive), and then get him lunch and bring him home. But I couldn't have the day off, because I had a day off sick last week. I had overtime worked up for yesterday too. Never mind. I'll keep the overtime and use it for something else. Not sure what yet, but I'm sure something will pop up.

Work's okay at the moment. Still entering invoices. But yay! Easter is this weekend, which means for the first time, I don't have to work this weekend. A four day weekend, I'm gonna run out of stuff to do pretty quick, but it will be really nice to have a mini-break.

Mum and Dad are heading out for a barbecue on Saturday night. I want to go, but Matt doesn't, because everyone smokes and messes with his asthma (apparently). I just think he doesn't like going around to Bill & Denise's. So we're staying home that night. I think we're gonna break out the barbecue ourselves and just have a bit of rump and salad and whatever. I might even make an effort and bring out some candles.


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