Posted by: k | April 3, 2007

The Death of MSN Spaces

I had a look at my old abandoned blog on MSN Spaces, and I officially killed it. By posting a link to this blog. Now all my ramblings can be in the one place.

I did find, in my last post, a list of things I wanted to get done this year:

– Get some money so I can plan and have my engagement party (this is more tedious than it sounds)
– Save up some money to replace my poor little egg
– Save up MORE money so Matt and I can move out into our own place.
– Have money to buy furniture for said own place, because I'm not parking my ass on the floor once I'm in there!

1. Well we've already had the party, and I've been quite slack and not uploaded or printed any photos, but that is my objective this weekend, because I know my hairdresser is going to KILL me on Saturday when I don't have photos… hehe. I will be uploading photos soon though, so once that's done I'll post a link.
And… we've set a date for the wedding – September 2009.

2. The egg (my car) isn't doing too bad at the moment, I went to a different mechanic and they tried to con me out of almost $1000 on stuff that was “urgent”. Dad took it to my regular mechanic and he said it was bullshit, but my rear drum brakes need cleaning out. I'll be doing that once I make a payment on my credit card, to get it working again, and then I'll put the brake-fixing on my credit card. What a vicious cycle…

3 and 4. Moving out – this is starting to look plausible, hopefully towards the end of the year we can seriously start looking for a place. Preferably a house so we can both lock our cars up. We've actually got a fair bit of furniture now, but we're just lacking all the necessities. You know, like a lounge suite, a fridge, a freezer, a washing machine… We're probably going to need a new bed as well, this one's just about broken. Take that how you will, but it's a cheap frame and the mattress was second hand when I got it. We got given some beautiful stuff at our engagement party, and probably too much to name it all. We got a sandwich press, a kettle, a dinner set, cutlery etc etc… And with the cash someone gave us, we got an electric frypan, a toaster, a tablecloth and some placemats. When my Welsh Grandma sent money over, I got some really nice vases with that money, and some more (frangipani!!!) placemats.

I don't really think I can elaborate much more on that list for now, but it's nice to know it's getting worked on.


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