Posted by: k | March 29, 2007


I’m so annoyed. I’m sick, I should be in bed. I feel like shit, and I’ve been told that I look like shit. But hey, I’m here at work, and I’m working, with no complaints that anyone else knows about.

Everyone’s avoiding me like I’ve got the plague, which is actually kinda nice, being left alone. The only thing that’s pissing me off is answering the phone with my throat the way it is at the moment. And nobody’s offered to pick up the odd call for me, so whatever.

Even when I’m not sick though, there’s a few things around here that really piss me off, but I know I’d be in a worse position if I said anything. When I had my 2-month evaluation I got told that I was on my mobile too much, and I shouldn’t be taking any personal calls at all. I only ever got the odd call from Matt, and when my phone did ring, I’d tell him that I wasn’t on lunch and I’d give him a call back. My phone never rings now, but everybody else’s does, and they always answer it and talk for ages. Elysha’s phone seems to ring non-stop, and fair enough, she doesn’t answer it all the time, but when she does answer it she talks for ages, and then when a supplier calls the office to talk to her, I have to take a message because she’s on her mobile… grrr. Alethea’s rings a fair bit too, and she always answers, unless Des is in her room, then she just lets it go, but checks it as soon as he leaves. And she sends lots of sms messages too. Michael’s goes off a fair bit too, and he always talks on it for ages.

The girls talk a hell of a lot too, about stuff that’s got nothing to do with work. They either sit at their desks and face each other through the window or one gets up and goes into the other’s room to talk. And then if I have a question and go in there, they keep talking so I have to stand there feeling like an idiot until they’ve decided they’ve finished their conversation, and then I can ask what I need to and get away from it. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one doing some work. But I’m only the receptionist, so I guess I’m not that important around here…

And lately, Alethea’s been looking at buying a house, so more often than not, if I see her screen, it’s got a real estate site up. And she has her blinds parted so that she can see what I’m doing at my desk. Pfft.

I’m starting a traineeship in the next week or so, which is good. I can study and get the qualification I want, but I don’t have to pay for it. It’s awesome.

Despite all my bitching, I really do like my job. I have the flu at the moment, so I’m struggling with my concentration, and I’m so tired, and like most people, I get shitty when I&’m sick. I really do just want to be left the hell alone right now. I could quite easily fall asleep at my desk right now, except people would start whining because I wouldn’t be answering the phone.

Only *looks* two and a half hours to go… Oh Gawd it’s going to draaaaaagggggg…


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