Posted by: k | January 10, 2007

New Year

It's January, and my last post was in November sometime, so yes, quite a lot has changed, for those of you playing along at home.

First of all – the really big news – Matt and I are engaged!!!

December 9 – the big day. He took my dad out for a few games of pool and asked for my hand, which everyone reckons is really cute. And the ring? The ring is absolutely perfect. Mind you, he could have got me a 20c plastic ring and I'd still think it was perfect. But no, mine is real. It's 18ct white gold with a diamond solitaire (that's one big diamond, in case you didn't know). I love making it sparkle…. my new nickname is Twinkle!

I'm still working at Demac, and I'm off my 3-months probation now, and things are going really well! I'm getting more responsibility, and getting things right more often than not – at the start, I was really worried because it took me a little while to grasp it. But it's fine now!

I've still got my little egg (the Charade) but I'm going to have to replace the old girl before we move out, because she's getting quite temperamental and unreliable. All her hoses keep coming off… which is not good when I'm actually driving…
You know, I always said that when I got a car it was going to be a 'he'. But my Charade is waaaay too cute to be masculine.

Anyway, so in the first few months of the New Year, I need to do the following:

– Get some money so I can plan and have my engagement party (this is more tedious than it sounds)
– Save up some money to replace my poor little egg
– Save up MORE money so Matt and I can move out into our own place.
– Have money to buy furniture for said own place, because I'm not parking my ass on the floor once I'm in there!

Good thing I just got a payrise, no?

So yeah. Life is good. Really good. Oh my god. I'm getting married… not yet, but it's going to happen.

Twelve months ago I was thinking that my life was going nowhere. I can't say that now! And what's more, I finally cut ties with those people who were dragging me down. The users, the abusers, and the general sleazeballs (I can think of one particular sleazeball right now).

Life is good. I just said that, didn't I? Ah well. Let me rephrase – Life is fan-bloody-tastic!

Anyhoo, I'm still at work, my bad. I'm heading off now!

Love Kelly.

PS. Yes, the girls came to my body shop party, and we all had a great time!


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