Posted by: k | November 14, 2006

It has begun.

Gah. So I've started back on the healthy eating thing. And those stupid meal replacement shakes. Yeuch. But I paid heaps of money for those shakes, so I guess I better drink the bloody things… It doesn't even really come out smooth when you shake it… there's little solid bits stuck to the side of the glass where I've been sipping it (note: sipping – not OHMIGODittastessodamngoodigottahaveitallinonegulp). I guess thats the roughage and stuff in it, but still, shakes are meant to be smooth.. not… err.. lumpy.
I'm pissed off at the moment because I just saw what mum did with my lunch… a pissy little salad! Like, a tiny bit of pasta salad n a little bit of potato salad, and a twig of lettuce (twig because it's not big enough to be a leaf), and half a boiled egg… that's it. Oh, and the small tin of tuna that I dug out to go with it.
It's only about 10:30 and I'm getting pretty hungry, I got to work at 7am, so I had to get up early and have breakfast earlier, so I'm paying for it at the moment. I want something substantial… I could go 2 min up the road to hungry jacks, but that's kinda defeating the purpose eating only the pissy salad, isn't it?
Another thing… I need support in this. I've been looking at the support groups on Blurty, and all that's out there is ana groups. Like “I didn't have breakfast and I might have a cracker today, but if I do, OMFG I'm gonna hate myself forever cuz that's like, 1 calorie I don't need right now” or “OMG I weigh 130 pounds and I'm so fat I'm gonna die right now”.
I found a weight converter online (cuz in Australia, we go by kilograms, not pounds) and do you know how much 130 pounds actually is? 58 kilos. Anyone that weighs 58kilos would nearly get blown over in a breeze. So to the girls who think they're so fucking fat because they've got this figure on the scale, shut the fuck up and eat some cake. I weigh 220 pounds, and that's a fucking weight problem, okay?
PS. I just did a coffee run, and walked past a carvery, so I ended up caving and getting potato gems… my bad.



  1. I hear you on the dieting woes. And the twiglets who think they are immense.
    What is a carvery, asks the ignorant American?

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