Posted by: k | November 10, 2006


For the first time in about a month, when I woke up this morning, Matt was laying beside me. I liked it. So I went back to sleep.
Until 6:30 rolled around and he shook me awake. Oh well. Better than mum beating the door down, I guess.
Thank God it's Friday, though I'm not quite looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I've gotta have my blood test to check my cholesterol, so no breakfast for me as soon as I get up. After that it's all good for the rest of the weekend. Then on Monday I have to miss out on half a day of work because I've got my stress test down at the heart centre, so that will be interesting. And on Tuesday, the blood pressure monitor goes back, which is great, because I'm sick to death of taking my own damn blood pressure! It doesn't give me good numbers anyway…


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