Posted by: k | November 7, 2006

The Last Word!!!

Lorraine rang my house again this morning, and when mum realised who she was, she told her that I have already gotten a full-time position, and I am very happy where I am. Lorraine then proceeded to hang up on my mum. Well, Lorraine, since you pissed me off with making me wait so long, then trying to hire me 8 weeks down the road, and THEN hanging up on my dear mummy, I am even more determined to have the last word, which, if I may say so myself, I am VERY good at. So, I have sent Lorraine a very polite, but abrupt email, which I will paste in here because well, I’m just so damn proud of it!

—- Dear Lorraine,
Thank you for your phone call yesterday, however I was unable to return your call during office hours.
I heard that you have already been informed that I have now attained a full-time office position elsewhere; and as a matter of fact, I received this position the day after I called you, and you told me I was unsuccessful in my application at KRS Electrical. During the three weeks where I was waiting for your decision, I did cease looking for other work, as I did believe I had a good chance of being taken into your employ.
Thank you for considering me, and thinking of me some 8 weeks after my initial interview. However, though flattered as I am that I was remembered by you as a likely candidate, I am not interested in being a second pick for any position. I know my skills, abilities and work ethic are not second best, and I wish for my employment to be the same. Luckily for me, this is how it has worked out.
Again, I thank you for reconsidering me, and I wish you the best of luck in finding an applicant who is suited to your needs. —-

And, just for the final nail in the coffin, I sent it from my work email address. Thanks, but no thanks, dear.
Lord, I LOVE being a bitch.


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