Posted by: k | November 6, 2006

Bloody Lorraine…

So who’s Lorraine?
I went for this job in Salisbury, for an office junior, a couple of months ago, not long after I got my licence. I went up for an interview on a Tuesday afternoon, which I remember because I missed the turn off, and the interview was only 10 minutes long, no joke. A 10 minute interview and it took me half an hour to drive each way. She told me the next day I’d know if I got it or not. The next day, she rings, but she wants me to come in for another interview. So I went in again, on the Thursday, met some other guy, and that interview took 10 min as well… they promise to get back to me early the next week.
Three weeks later, I’ve stopped looking for other work because I’m still waiting for this lot to get back to me, so on a Monday morning I finally ring to see what the hell’s going on, and I get a “I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you, we’ve had this big contract going on… blah blah blah” and she basically tells me that I didn’t get it, but I was in their top 2, and if the first one doesn’t work out, they’ll give me a call. And I’m thinking, I don’t bloody think so lady, because I’m nobody’s second best, if you want me that bad, you’ll hire me now.
The day after that phone call, I sent an appliation to Demac Homes, which is only about 10 min away in the car. Twenty minutes later they call me to ask for an interview. I go in on Wednesday, and they hire me on the spot. So I’ve been at Demac for nearly 6 weeks now, which is a great place to work, there’s only 6 people in the office, and one who drops in and out, so 7 in total. And it’s neat casual dress (no heels!!!) permanent full-time, with sick leave and annual leave, and great people who I’m starting to befriend…
This morning, while I’m sorting out the mail, I hear my phone ringing, and I just ignored it because I figured it was my boyfriend (that sounds nasty) but I was going to ring him back. When I finished with the mail, I picked up the phone to make sure it was him before I call, and there’s a message there from a landline number, and guess who it was? Bloody Lorraine!
The only reason she would be ringing me is to offer me the job I went for 8 weeks ago, and I’m getting a lot of satisfaction for making her wait 4 or 5 hours before I return her call and tell her that the day after she rejected me, I landed another job closer to home. While I was waiting for her to let me know if I got the position or not, she rang one day while I was at work, and asked my mum if I’d got another job yet, and apparently she was really relieved when mum said I hadn’t yet. So lady, I’m not gonna be your second pick, because I’m first rate right here at Demac!
*blows a big raspberry*


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